SSRS: Uprawnienia w Reporting Services


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Task Description
Consume reports Reads report definitions.
Create linked reports Create linked reports that are based on a non-linked report.
Manage all subscriptions View, modify, and delete any subscription for reports and linked reports, regardless of who owns the subscription. This task also supports the creation of data-driven subscriptions.
Manage data sources Create and delete shared data source items, view and modify data source properties and content.
Manage folders Create, view, and delete folders, and view and modify folder properties.
Manage models Create, view, and delete models, and view and modify model properties.
Manage individual subscriptions Create, view, modify, and delete user-owned subscriptions to reports and linked reports.
Manage report history Create, view, and delete report history, view report history properties, and view and modify settings that determine snapshot history limits and how caching works.
Manage reports Add and delete reports, modify report parameters, view and modify report properties, view and modify data sources that provide content to the report, view and modify report definitions, and set security policies at the report level.
Manage resources Create, modify, and delete resources, and view and modify resource properties.
Set security policies for items Define security policies for reports, linked reports, folders, resources, and data sources. For more information, see Securable Items.
View data sources View shared data source items in the folder hierarchy.
View reports Run reports and view report properties.
View models View models in the folder hierarchy, use models as data sources for a report, and run queries against the model to retrieve data.
View resources View resources and resource properties.
View folders View folder contents and navigate through the folder hierarchy.

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